TRUST – one word can be life changing


Each day we are called to trust something, somehow, someway. When you sit in a chair you TRUST it will hold you. However, along our path we frequently experience a lack of trust that our life is worthwhile, that we are on the right road, or our anxieties overtake us. Trust is just one word, but it can dazzle you.

Today, I would like to add to your heart, a short clip of my reading from Frederick Buechner that lightened my day.

“I was sitting by the side of the road one day last fall. It was a dark time in my life. I was full of anxiety, full of fear and uncertainty. The world within seemed as shadowy as the world without. And then, as I sat there, I spotted a car coming down the road toward me with on of those license plates that you can get by paying a little extra with a word on it instead of just numbers and a letter or two. And of all the words the license plate might have had on it, the word that it did have was the word T-R-U-S-T. And as it came close enough for me to read, it became suddenly for me a word from on high, and I give it to you here as a word from on high also for you, a kind of present.

The world is full of dark shadows to be sure, both the world without and the world within, and the road we’ve all set off on is long and hard and often hard to find, but the word is trust. Trust the source of your own truest gladness. Trust the road. Above all else, trust Him. Trust Him, Trust God. Amen.”

Make this part of the  “Mosaic” of your life-your identity

2 thoughts on “TRUST – one word can be life changing

  1. Penny says:

    Ahh, Frederick Buechner…

    I love this passage you quoted. I have had similar experiences. There have been many times in my life when I felt uncertain about how things would turn out. Without fail, I’d be driving down the road and see a semi truck with the word G.O.D. on its trailer. Even though the initials stand for Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, I knew this was God’s way of letting me know in that moment that everything would be okay.



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