June creating a Mosaic, at Accademia di Belle Arti

Today, my thoughts about  identity growth led me back to many years ago when I took a course, in Ravenna , Italy, “The Ancient Method of Mosaic Making” at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna.

The process is a grand illustration of our identity growth. I meticulously copied, from a picture/copy of an ancient mosaic, on canvas each piece of the mosaic. Then the challenging labor began. Large slabs of different colors of marble were chopped into smaller pieces. I painstakingly took the smaller pieces of marble and cut and shaped  each piece  precisely – matching the color and design exactly as it appeared in the ancient mosaic.  Each segment was put precisely in place, using the ancient method of mosaic making. It was a long involved process, taking 2 weeks to finish. When completed – it was stunning.

Our lives are much the same way – slowly we “cut out”our identity.  Each piece of our life is a different shape, a different color, changing-each part somehow fitting into place, to create a masterpiece.

I could have stopped at anytime and left the mosaic masterpiece incomplete. Instead I steadily worked, even when the challenge of making it was painful, frustrating, and  tiring.

Likewise, we must continue our life and never stop achieving – for one day our masterpiece will be completed; the pieces will fit perfectly in place. It will be dazzling!

No matter your age, never stop or give up and lose the wonder of your life completed; your identity, your majestic being.

“We are each  a mosaic of gifts. Each of us has our own inner beauty”

How are you creating your mosaic?