Daughter Talk

I chucked as I remembered my conversation with Barbie, my daughter a week or so ago. No matter, after she eats-if only a little or maybe more, she always tells me, “Ah! Ugh!, my stomach hurts.!”

I giggled and remarked, “that will be the epitaph written on your gravestone,” She quickly came back at me, grinning widely, and said, “the epitaph on yours will be – ” I am not retired.”

An almost true statement, as I noticed my identity to many people changed when I recently retired from a 25 year teaching career. The word “retired” has a good and bad connotation. People begin to treat you, well, as though your value has decreased. My identity changed for many….too be continued.

In the meantime, think about your identity, no matter your age.

5 thoughts on “Daughter Talk

  1. Penny says:

    I think of the maiden, mother, and crone stages of womanhood…we start young, we move into the nurturing phase of our lives, and then we reach maturity, coming into our own. I think some women grow afraid of cronehood (I like to call it goddesshood)…because once the childbearing and nurturing is done, they are left with the question, “What do I do now?” It’s a time to celebrate ourselves; it’s a time to nurture our spirit as we grow in wisdom. It’s a time to learn new things, to take up new endeavors, and to repurpose our lives in ways that authenticate ourselves, without any fear or recrimination. Here’s to Goddesshood!!!


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