TRUST – one word can be life changing


Each day we are called to trust something, somehow, someway. When you sit in a chair you TRUST it will hold you. However, along our path we frequently experience a lack of trust that our life is worthwhile, that we are on the right road, or our anxieties overtake us. Trust is just one word, but it can dazzle you.

Today, I would like to add to your heart, a short clip of my reading from Frederick Buechner that lightened my day.

“I was sitting by the side of the road one day last fall. It was a dark time in my life. I was full of anxiety, full of fear and uncertainty. The world within seemed as shadowy as the world without. And then, as I sat there, I spotted a car coming down the road toward me with on of those license plates that you can get by paying a little extra with a word on it instead of just numbers and a letter or two. And of all the words the license plate might have had on it, the word that it did have was the word T-R-U-S-T. And as it came close enough for me to read, it became suddenly for me a word from on high, and I give it to you here as a word from on high also for you, a kind of present.

The world is full of dark shadows to be sure, both the world without and the world within, and the road we’ve all set off on is long and hard and often hard to find, but the word is trust. Trust the source of your own truest gladness. Trust the road. Above all else, trust Him. Trust Him, Trust God. Amen.”

Make this part of the  “Mosaic” of your life-your identity



June creating a Mosaic, at Accademia di Belle Arti

Today, my thoughts about  identity growth led me back to many years ago when I took a course, in Ravenna , Italy, “The Ancient Method of Mosaic Making” at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna.

The process is a grand illustration of our identity growth. I meticulously copied, from a picture/copy of an ancient mosaic, on canvas each piece of the mosaic. Then the challenging labor began. Large slabs of different colors of marble were chopped into smaller pieces. I painstakingly took the smaller pieces of marble and cut and shaped  each piece  precisely – matching the color and design exactly as it appeared in the ancient mosaic.  Each segment was put precisely in place, using the ancient method of mosaic making. It was a long involved process, taking 2 weeks to finish. When completed – it was stunning.

Our lives are much the same way – slowly we “cut out”our identity.  Each piece of our life is a different shape, a different color, changing-each part somehow fitting into place, to create a masterpiece.

I could have stopped at anytime and left the mosaic masterpiece incomplete. Instead I steadily worked, even when the challenge of making it was painful, frustrating, and  tiring.

Likewise, we must continue our life and never stop achieving – for one day our masterpiece will be completed; the pieces will fit perfectly in place. It will be dazzling!

No matter your age, never stop or give up and lose the wonder of your life completed; your identity, your majestic being.

“We are each  a mosaic of gifts. Each of us has our own inner beauty”

How are you creating your mosaic?


Daughter Talk

I chucked as I remembered my conversation with Barbie, my daughter a week or so ago. No matter, after she eats-if only a little or maybe more, she always tells me, “Ah! Ugh!, my stomach hurts.!”

I giggled and remarked, “that will be the epitaph written on your gravestone,” She quickly came back at me, grinning widely, and said, “the epitaph on yours will be – ” I am not retired.”

An almost true statement, as I noticed my identity to many people changed when I recently retired from a 25 year teaching career. The word “retired” has a good and bad connotation. People begin to treat you, well, as though your value has decreased. My identity changed for many….too be continued.

In the meantime, think about your identity, no matter your age.